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Dry Rot from Water Damage

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

Rotted framing from a water damage

Here is a close up photo of a drain line and a bunch of rotted framing. A slow leak caused water damage and microbial growth on the framing of a home. We arrived on site and assessed the damage then removed all the sheet rock to expose the damaged framing and all of the affected sheet rock was then bagged and properly deposed of. We then disinfected the framing or replaced where it was needed. The insulation that was in the affected wall will always be removed and replaced due to the fact that it can hold mold spores and trap moisture in the walls. All of the work was done inside of a negative pressure containment area that was set up on site the first day.

Water Damage

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

lifting baseboards after water damage

The picture shown here is indicative of what happens when a water damage happens in the kitchen. Water often spreads into rooms and we have to dispatch a couple of trained employees to immediately remove the water and baseboards so further damage doesn't occur.The kitchen had a pipe break and it flooded the majority of the first floor of the house. Although there was not standing water, meaning it clearly went up the walls, it still got the baseboards and wall wet. Because of this it is very important to get baseboards off very quickly and use perforate the walls to make sure when we put fans up against the wall it gets behind the wall and drys it completely. Mold can grow and spread rather quickly so we take every step as directed by the IICRC standards to get the job done correctly.