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downstairs bedroom ceiling and wall leak

This water damage happened in Fresno California after an upstairs bathroom toilet overflowed causing it to leak down the walls and affect the ceiling. As shown ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Clovis, CA.

The water damage and mold remediation was in Clovis California and resulted from a long term leak from an air conditioning unit. The unit was located in a walk ... READ MORE

Category 3 Water Damage

The bathroom in Fresno, California was damaged due to a slow water leak from the toilet. The wax ring around the toilet was faulty and would occasionally leak. ... READ MORE

Water Damage

The water damage shown here in Fresno, California was a result of a toilet supply line that broke. This is considered a Category 2 water damage. Every time the ... READ MORE

Flooded Laundry Room Fresno, CA

The flooded laundry room was the result of a burst pipe in the kitchen that was connected to the dishwasher. It was noticed the following morning and SERVPRO Fr... READ MORE

Before and After of Water Damage

These picture are an example of before and after work without any reconstruction. A customer called after a roof leaked happened following a storm. They realize... READ MORE

Water Damage in Closet Fresno, CA

The water damage seen above was a result of a burst pipe that went onto the flooring and up the walls creating mold. We quickly removed the floors and the affec... READ MORE