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Saving Materials

9/19/2019 (Permalink)

This photo was taken after a water damage occurred in a customers house that had flooded their kitchen including the cabinets, ceiling, and wall. As shown above, this is an image of black granite that was carefully taken off of a customers kitchen counter top. Although most of the kitchen was affected with water the granite is waterproof and able to be saved. In order to achieve this we had to shimmy a wire carefully through the under section because it only attached by glue on specific corners. Using four technicians we then gently laid the granite down and wrapped it in bubble wrap, paying special attention to the corners. We always try to salvage as much materials and personal belongings as possible. In fact, this is one of our main goals as a water mitigation and restoration company; we want to restore the items to a like new state. 

Dry Rot from Water Damage

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

Rotted framing from a water damage

Here is a close up photo of a drain line and a bunch of rotted framing. A slow leak caused water damage and microbial growth on the framing of a home. We arrived on site and assessed the damage then removed all the sheet rock to expose the damaged framing and all of the affected sheet rock was then bagged and properly deposed of. We then disinfected the framing or replaced where it was needed. The insulation that was in the affected wall will always be removed and replaced due to the fact that it can hold mold spores and trap moisture in the walls. All of the work was done inside of a negative pressure containment area that was set up on site the first day.

Why SERVPRO: Cleaning Done the Right Way.

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

anti microbial sprays Cleaning supplies used in our jobs

Shown in this photo is just one of our many walls of cleaning supplies. We use up to date IICRC standard chemical cleaning products to not damage the customers surfaces while still getting rid of the mold, smoke damage, dirt, grime, urine and any other hazardous materials. We have urine odor and stain remover, a multi purpose spray and wipe cleaner primarily used for mud and dirt. A Citrus Solvent adhesive remover, an EPA registered disinfectant and deodorizer used for nonporous surfaces, a liquid emulsifier, mold cleaning products, a highly alkaline cleaning agent designed for use on heavy smoke and soot damage as well as metal and painted surfaces, and a biocide to be used in black water damages where the potential presence of biological waste is present. We also have a precabonate based oxidizing agent commonly used for carpet and upholstery stains. 

Fire Damage in Home

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Kitchen Fire 6/26/19

This fire damage happened in June of 2019 in a new two month old home. Fire damages are more common than people think and often start in the kitchen. In this particular case, the customers over caught on fire and the food that was wrapped in plastic exploded. The fire quickly spread and the homeowner put water on it thinking it would contain the fire. Many people don't realize that if the fire is a grease fire you need to smoother the fire by eliminating oxygen. This can be done through a large heavy blanket or in throwing flour on the item on fire. If you put water on the grease that is on fire it will actually spread and become unmanageable. Sadly, this was the case for this customer. All of his belongings were damaged either by fire or smoke damage.

Here at SERVPRO of Fresno Northeast/Shaver lake we work hard to make this traumatic experience the best it can be. We have vendors that specializes in restoring damaged items, including sentimental photographs. If ever this happens to you, please give us a call at any time. We are always here to help!

Roof Leak in Clovis CA

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

Employee working at Mold Mitigation job

This shows a standard procedure for our employees to get rid of heavy mold appropriately. The affected area was from a roof that leaked in from the bathroom and ran down the walls which had affected the corner of one of the office closet ceiling and walls. Heavy rains will cause this to happen but it can also happen from a pipe leaking slowly. SERVPRO of Fresno Northeast/Shaver Lake was called in and we immediately got to work. We cleanly cut the affected ceiling and drywall after testing the areas. It was very wet outside so we carefully laid plastic on the floor to track in more water and dirt. Containment is also done so that mold is not spread from area to area. 

Water Damage

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

lifting baseboards after water damage

The picture shown here is indicative of what happens when a water damage happens in the kitchen. Water often spreads into rooms and we have to dispatch a couple of trained employees to immediately remove the water and baseboards so further damage doesn't occur.The kitchen had a pipe break and it flooded the majority of the first floor of the house. Although there was not standing water, meaning it clearly went up the walls, it still got the baseboards and wall wet. Because of this it is very important to get baseboards off very quickly and use perforate the walls to make sure when we put fans up against the wall it gets behind the wall and drys it completely. Mold can grow and spread rather quickly so we take every step as directed by the IICRC standards to get the job done correctly. 

Example of Smoke Damage Repair

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

cleaning a fire and smoke damage

This is an example of some of our wonderful employees doing a cleaning job for a customer that had smoke damage outside of his home. The affected area was a white outside pergola that contained a grill that was used often by the family. We explained to the customer that could try to remove the soot and smoke damage using our cleaning supplies that are specific to fire damages. We explained that this would leave the pergola looking much better but not perfect. For those desired results we needed to first do an overall clean then repaint the pergola. We did this within the customers budget and time frame and they were very pleased with our work. They appreciated our communication and said they would use us for other work. 

How We Do The Job

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

Our Warehouse And Equipment

Here at SERVPRO Fresno Northeast/Shaver Lake we use the most qualified people. However you can't do an amazing job without the best equipment. Some of the equipment we have are dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, injection kits and fans. We always keep our shop and equipment clean and up to date to ensure that the customer has the best outcome possible. Our warehouse can house several homes worth of furniture and belongings of a customers' home in case of a water or fire damage. In order to do the best job possible you need the best equipment possible and we've got it. We take pride in keeping our equipment organized and up to date so the customer has their house cleaned and restored quickly and with the best possible results. 

Mold Mitigation

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

Mold in Kitchen Fresno, CA

Here at SERVPRO of Fresno Northeast/Shaver Lake we deal with a lot of mold mitigation. Our staff is highly trained in removing mold safely and has been trained and IICRC certified. Mold is very dangerous and we want to ensure that we appropriately remove it all. In this situation, we went out to a customer's house that had a dishwater flow over the course of a day. This resulted in water moving up the wall, damaging the floors, and mold growing behind the counters. We tested floor to ceiling and surrounding walls for traces of mold. Our professional staff removed the affected areas and even did the reconstruction including restoring. Their kitchen looked amazing after and they were very happy with the results. The customer even contacted their insurance company to let them know.

Our Shop

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

Picture of our Warehouse

At SERVPRO Fresno Northeast/Shaver Lake we have the capacity to house a couple different homeowners' contents at once safely and securely. We always take our time to move and pack the contents out of a customer's home. First we carefully box up the customer's smaller contents then we move the larger items using several people who have experience moving. Secondly, we clean the contents using the appropriate methods. For fire and smoke damages, for example, we would have clothing items professionally cleaned. Often items need to be thrown away and replaced by the insurance company. We understand people have valuables that have sentimental meaning and we always take our time to move them, store them, clean them and then return them carefully.