What our Customers say...


SERVPRO was able to take care of an overflow that happened in one of the residents bathrooms

SERVPRO came out after a water heater supply line broke. A lot of my house was affected. This company was very professional and and I liked that they did the water loss and the reconstruction in one. 

I had a strong smell in my home from smoke damage and SERVPRO did a really great job. I liked the Project Manager a lot. 

They did a quick job for me I had odor in the home from cat urine and SERVPRO Northeast took care of it.

I had a toilet overflow and SERVPRO took their time to answer my questions and overall I am satisfied with the services provided by them. I would recommend SERVPRO to my friends and family. 

I had a water damage with mold and asbestos and SERVPRO took care of everything. There was other companies involved but I could always call for questions. I appreciate the work.

There was a lot of mold built up over time coming from the ceiling in the closet and they took care of it. I would call again if anything like this ever happened. 

SERVPRO took care of everything for me and were very polite and professional. I appreciate them communicating with me.

SERVPRO arrived on site and found the leak for me. They contained everything, set the equipment and removed all the mold by gutting the kitchen.

SERVPRO came out to my house immediately after I called and took care of the issue and helped me a lot. The manager Dave explained the entire process to me from beginning to end and even called my insurance for me. 

The guys at SERVPRO did a great job. We had mold behind the refrigerator and they got rid of that and did the reconstruction. I was happy they did everything from start to finish.

A big thank you to all the people involved at SERVPRO: Mario, Martin Arthur and many others who helped to make this project work. I really appreciate the efforts on everyone's participation. 

Our dishwater ran over night and flooded half of the house. We had a lot of mold because of it. SERVPRO did a really great job and after all was said and done the new kitchen looks great. Thanks

SERVPRO was very friendly and did an amazing job I am very happy with everything they did

SERVPRO came out quickly and did an amazing job removing the odor from my vents

SERVPRO did work in my house because I had water coming up from underneath my laminate flooring in the kitchen.The dishwasher was leaking and the water traveled through underneath our floor. I made a call to SERVPRO of Fresno and they came just an hour after I made the call. They quickly inspected the dishwasher and saw what the problem was. I signed paperwork for them and they immediately began the work. I’d say within just 5 days they started the work and finished it. Very quick and clean work, I am very satisfied.”